Hello, and welcome to the website showcasing the areola nipple tattooing art of Terry Lively. This website also provides general information on areola restorative tattooing (A.R.T.) for breast cancer survivors who have undergone reconstructive surgery. Terry offers  areola nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors. Please contact Terry at 210-585-8410 to set up a consultation.

Nipple tattooing for breast cancer survivors should be performed by an experienced artist. Unfortunately, many survivors have had areola nipple tattooing done with less than optimal results. This is usually because the nurse, physician, or technician has no real knowledge or long-term experience in body tattooing, or tattooing skin with scar tissue.

This website will showcase the areola nipple tattooing  done by Terry Lively, a member of an elite group of artists, the A.R.T. team, who special in medical tattooing. This website will also help you locate information on the following:

What to look for in your search for an artist with knowledge and experience in areola nipple restorative tattooing.

3 dimensional, or 3D areola nipple tattooing, what is it? Am I a candidate for 3D areola nipple tattooing? How can I find an artist specializing in this style of areola restorative tattooing?   


What to expect during your nipple tattoo procedure.

How long must I wait after surgery before I can have the areola nipple tattoo procedure done? My surgeon said I can have the nipple tattooing done 3 months after surgery, but my artist says 6 months to a year. Who is right?

Pigment colors. How does the artist choose colors? Do i have a choice in the colors used during the areola restorative tattooing procedure?

Does the areola nipple tattoo procedure hurt?  Do you use topical anesthetics?

How much does areola restorative tattooing cost,   and will my insurance pay for the procedure?

Allergic reactions to pigments - are they common? What does an allergic reaction look like, and can anything be done if I have an allergic reaction? 

Links to certified Areola Restorative Tattoo artists (A.R.T).

For answers to these questions on paramedical areola restorative tattooing, please see the links on the right of this page.


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